Consofas Design Lab (CDL) is an independent creative that provides engaging visual communication – strong brand identities, fresh ideas, high-impact illustration, immeasurable online capabilities, and complete design solutions. In design, we stay ahead of the 8 ball and are best known for our ability to integrate our client’s message directly into today’s youth-oriented culture.

CDL is dedicated in the research and understanding of cultural climates to ensure that a brand’s cultural energy and message appeals to their target audience. We work with our clients to build brand awareness, ignite interest, and create inspiring strategies.

From boutique brands to xtreme sports groups and from high profile companies to the music industry, CDL provides winning results to every client. We are passionate about our work and driven to push the boundaries, combining old school production techniques with the latest technology in the field. The end result? What we’ve got brewing in the laboratory is not just skills to pay the bills, but the unique flavour that makes the Consofas aesthetic stand out from the crowd.