CDL Instagram Magento Extension
CDL Instagram Magento Extension

PLEASE READ! This plugin is no longer updated and will stop working with Instagrams new API on April 1st 2020. Please do not download or ask for support. Thanks.

Finally a module to add Instagram to your Magento Website!
Show Instagram images and video from your feed easily via the Magento Admin area.
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  3. Install
  4. Connect
  5. Configure

CDL’s Instagram for Magento module creates a sidebar mini gallery as well as a full gallery page.

The size of the sidebar images can be adjusted so that you can fine tune them to match your websites design. No coding needed.

Full Cache abilities to decrease server load and page load times.

You can download the plugin on Code Canyon here:
Instagram for Magento Extention

Register with Instagram

To use the Instagram API we need a Client ID and Access Token from Instagram

To get these, click the “Get your Instagram Access Token and User ID” button.
Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 10.41.53 pm

You will then be propted to login to Instagram (if not already logged in) and authorise your website to use the Instagram Module
Click “Authorize”, you will then be taken to a page on this website and shown your Client ID and Access Token. Copy and paste these into your Magento Admin and save the configuration.

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 10.40.09 pm

If you are looking for the old documentation where you had to register an application with Instagram and use your client ID and Client Secrect, you can find that here Register an App with Instagram

Configure the gallery page and mini gallery

Please make sure you have Saved the configuration and the steps above BEFORE making changes to these sections. If you did not, no worries, just change the username to something else, save, then change it back and save again.

Now that we have the tuff stuff out of the way, it’s time to get to the real settings. Most of these should be pretty self explanatory but I will break it all down for you anyway.

Gallery Page

You can view your gallery page by navigating to

Page Title: This is the main title of the page, call it whatever you want.

Photos Per Page: How many Images to show on a page, max of 30.
Photos Per Row: How many images to show in each row, play with this and the Thumbnail Size option to get the correct look and fit for your website.
Thumbnail Size: Instagram delivers 3 image sizes, you get to choose which size you wish to use.
Show the Description: Show the images description on the page.

Sidebar Mini Gallery

This shows up in the sidebar or footer of your website. You can also place this anywhere within your site using the shortcode found in the readme file of module.

Photos Per Page: How many Images to show on a page, max of 30.
Thumbnail Size: For the Sidebar this is a pixel size. Play with this number to get the images to fit nicely into your themes sidebar. 92 is perfect for the default Magento theme.


Use Lightbox: When set to Yes, clicking on an image will give you the full size image in a lightbox display.
Open image in new tab: If Use Lightbox is set to No, this will determine if you want the full size image to load in a new window/tab.
Include Lightbox files: If you already have a lightbox working through your theme or other extension then you can set this to No.
Custom Lightbox Link class: If using another lightbox/shadowbox then you can provide it’s rel/class link here.

Instagram API Response Cache

By default this extension caches your requests to Instagram to improve loading times and keep our server happy. You can flush/refresh the cache or turn it off completely.

Cache Expire Time: The lower the number the quicker the cache will expire, default is 24, set it to 0 to disable the cache completely.
Flush Cache: Flush the existing stored cache data.

Take a look at your new amazing Instagram feed!

Now that you’ve got things configured and saved, check your website. You should have a new Mini Gallery in the sites RH sidebar and also a new Gallery page

The Sidebar

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 11.33.25 am

The Gallery Page

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 11.33.35 am

You can download the plugin on Code Canyon here:
Instagram for Magento Extention