Newsletter Popup Magento Extension


The CDL Popup Newsletter Extension for Magento adds a subscription popup to your Magento store, with options to easily customise the design and set when to show the popup to your visitors.

Newsletter Popup is simple to configure, can integrate directly with the built in Magneto Newsletter form or a MailChimp list, and will work with most other newsletter systems.

Quickly create a clean, professional lookin popup with your colours, images, messages and newsletter form.

A great extension for those who want to highlight certain products/services and grab the attention of your visitors.

Download the Magento Newsletter Popup Extension now.

Start Quickly with our Pre-made Templates

Well-designed opt-in forms that look like they belong specifically to your website are key to creating trust.

With our pre-made templates you can get started with beautifully designed opt-in forms in seconds. These can then be fully customized to look exactly they way you envisioned.

Choose from a variety of premade layouts

The Popup Newsletter Module comes with a ton of different design settings, allowing you to adjust just about every aspect of your opt-in form.

Image Orientation Options

You can add any image to your opt-in while also having the options to display it to the left, the right, above or below your opt-in’s text content.


Automatic Pop-Up Triggers

If you are creating a pop-up you need to have full control over what triggers this automation.

The CDL Popup Newsletter Module lets you create automatic opt-in pop-ups that can be triggered by timed delays, when a user reaches the bottom of a page, or even after a period of inactivity.

Timed Delay

Choose a timed delay for your pop-ups so that they trigger after your readers have been on a page for a specific duration of time.

After Scrolling

Use this trigger to display your opt-in forms only after the a visitor scrolls a defined amount down your page.

After Inactivity

Use this trigger to display your opt-in forms only after the a visitor scrolls a defined percentage of the way down your page.

Bottom of Post

Auto detect when your readers reach the bottom of a page and give your readers a friendly reminder to opt-in.

Email Marketing Integrations

The CDL Popup Newsletter Module gives you the power to display opt-in forms using the default Magento newsletter form, direct integration of MailChimp, or custom HTML to easily copy and paste forms from your own email marketing system.

Open the popup from a link (or JavaScript)

If you need to create a link which, once clicked, opens the popup or you need to open it from JavaScript you can use the function “cdl_show_popup_link()”. For a link the best way is to write something like this: