Seasonal Posts Archives Plugin for WordPress

Seasonal Archives WordPress Plugin

Consofas’s Seasonal Posts Archives wordpress plugin gives your wordpress site an archive list divided into seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall/Autumn) or Quarterly instead of the default month by month. I find the default archive list is just too long and bulky for most people, so why not consolidate it into more useable chunks.

LIVE DEMO – Seasonal Archives

This helps user navigation on small and large websites. Great for Vineyards, Orchards, Ski Resorts, and any other organisations that work or play seasonally.

Seasonal Archives Plugin

You can download the plugin on Code Canyon here:
Advanced Seasonal Archives WordPress Plugin

Once you have downloaded the zip file you have 2 options,
1) unzip it and upload the folder into your plugins directory via FTP (/wp-content/plugins).
2) In your wp-admin area, navigate to plugins -> Add New -> Upload, then upload the zip file
Activate the plugin

If you are using the Seasonal option (Winter,Spring,Summer,Autumn) then go to the Plugin settings page and choose wether your in the Southern Hemisphere or not. The default is Northern Hemisphere.

Change your location from Northern to Southern Hemisphere
Change your location from Northern to Southern Hemisphere

Add Seasonal Archives to your website via the Widgets Page.

Simply add the widget to your website.
Simply add the widget to your website.

If you want to directly access them through your theme using PHP then use the following code

[sourcecode language=”php”] <!–?php echo cdl_season_archives(array(‘type’ => ‘quarter’)); ?–> [/sourcecode]

or Seasonally

[sourcecode language=”php”] <!–?php echo cdl_season_archives(array(‘type’ => ‘seasonal’)); ?–> [/sourcecode]

You can also specify if you would like to display the postcount and also change the format to a dropdown (option) menu.

[sourcecode language=”php”] <!–?php echo cdl_season_archives(array(‘type’ => ‘seasonal’,’show_post_count’ => true, ‘format’ => ‘option’)); ?–> [/sourcecode]

Should you have any questions or feedback please leave them in the comments below.